Is your personal wellbeing important to you?

Would you like to make changes in key areas of your life?

If so, I would like to work with you to help you find your own answers.

Your wellbeing is a subtle alchemy of different elements in your life being balanced. The only important thing is that you have decided that you are ready to make a start.

Strive to be the best version of you!



I hold a very strong belief in the importance of wellbeing and I think if you feel strong in yourself it will reflect in your response to the stress of your life. I would like to work with you on any aspects of improving your overall wellbeing. I can
guide you on a holistic path or help you find more conventional approaches.

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Are you feeling grounded? In the sense that you feel you have had your privileges taken away from you and you can’t leave your homes. Yes, in that respect you’re probably feeling grounded. Ironically most of us can answer that yes at the moment. I’m talking about a different meaning of the word. Grounded is…
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The Holistic Divorce

What is a divorce? It’s broadly defined as a legal dissolution of a marriage by a court. The process starts with one of the parties filing a petition and then solicitors help the couple reach a financial settlement. Well that all sounds very straight forward! But of course, it’s very rarely straight forward. Why is…
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Divorce and the Healing Line

No two divorces are the same but they all stem from the same underlying emotion of one or both partners in the marriage being unhappy. I decided to write this blog because recently I’ve had  new clients who are about to fully engage in the legal process of divorce. The reality is that they have…
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To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.