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Energy Healing and Chakras for Sceptics

By Emma | March 15, 2019

You may be wondering what Energy Healing is? You may be wondering just what a chakra is? Well please take a moment out of our busy day to read this and I will explain. In Energy Healing the practitioner works on the energy in your body and encourages it to move smoothly, to help bring…

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What is a divorce guide?

By Emma | July 2, 2018

Perhaps it is easier to start with what a divorce guide isn’t. I’m not legally trained and I won’t make any decisions for you. As your guide I will first work with you to decide where my role can help and support you. This will usually involve an informal chat over coffee. Perhaps you feel…

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What’s all this wellbeing about?

By Emma | June 11, 2018

Wellbeing is a commonly used phrase these days. The urban dictionary confirms that wellbeing or wellness is “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”. I describe myself as a wellbeing coach. I work with clients to help them achieve the best and happiest version of themselves. This doesn’t mean I give them a list…

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Menopause in the City

By Emma | May 11, 2018

I’ve come across so many amazing women both as clients and friends who are navigating their menopause journey. I couldn’t help but wonder….how can I help spread all the information I have learned about midlife and the menopausal journey? One of my favourite quotes is “Knowledge is power”. The more you know the better informed…

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