Divorce and the Healing Line

No two divorces are the same but they all stem from the same underlying emotion of one or both partners in the marriage being unhappy.

I decided to write this blog because recently I’ve had  new clients who are about to fully engage in the legal process of divorce. The reality is that they have been engaging in the idea of divorce for a long time already. For some people the path of to divorce can last for years. It can take a long time to understand what is making you feel unhappy.

I’ve learnt to recognise something that I call the Healing line. I see in my clients that they reach a point where suddenly going forwards is no longer as frightening as the idea of going backwards or even standing still. Once the line is stepped over the healing can begin and it be very rare for anyone to try and wander back towards that line and cross it again.
If crossing the line means that you have decided to proceed with a divorce then its important to seek the right support to help you move quickly as possible. A wise family law friend once used the analogy of divorce being like having a shard of glass in your arm. She was right. It hurts continuously. The pain can stop you sleeping properly and every time you move you will be reminded of it. Both physical and emotional healing can only begin when the glass is removed.

I work with clients to help them decide if divorce is what they really want and with some clients I help and support them through the legal part of the process. For me the really deep-seated healing starts after the divorce. This is when we can focus in on the person and not the process. This is when energy healing can start to unlock the real emotions and bring the person into balance. I don’t tell my clients what to do but I do hold a space for them to answer their own questions. Healing is an inside job I can only help facilitate it!

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