A guide will help you to decide which direction to take and they can walk alongside you and support you on your journey.

I work with both men and woman who are starting their path towards divorce or relationship breakdown and perhaps need help understanding and clarifying their decisions. I also work with clients who have started or are ready to start the divorce process.

I also work with clients who are divorced and need support in starting the next phase of their lives.

I am able to support you by offering a completely different set of skills from a solicitor, by becoming your partner in your process, working with you to create a safe, non-judgmental and patient environment to follow your journey. I listen, guide and assist you to uncover your own answers.

Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word guide.

In addition, I can also facilitate  and select from an array of legal specialists, a person who you can trust and who is most suited to your circumstances. I can in fact also introduce you to several non-legal specialists who may be appropriate to your unique situation.

By careful management, I can help you to reduce your legal fees. The divorce process can be complex and involved with a vast array of paperwork. I can work through this with you to navigate you through these processes and minimize your legal costs.

If children are involved  I can offer guidance on co-parenting and help you build a child-centric approach.