Energy Healing and Chakras for Sceptics

You may be wondering what Energy Healing is? You may be wondering just what a chakra is? Well please take a moment out of our busy day to read this and I will explain.

In Energy Healing the practitioner works on the energy in your body and encourages it to move smoothly, to help bring balance. The energy should flow freely but quite often it doesn’t and the effect is to cause physical and emotional problems.

An energy practitioner or healer works on the chakras in your body. Chakras are the main energy centres in the human body. There are seven main chakras that help energy flow directly through our body. When all are balanced and clear, we will feel both physically and mentally in good health. From birth, as we experience change in our lives, our energy can become congested and this can result in poor physical and mental health. As a very basic example, if your throat chakra becomes blocked, you may experience ongoing problems with your throat. It may lead to more serious problems with, for example your thyroid. The emotional issues with a blocked throat chakra may manifest themselves in you not wishing to speak openly or perhaps in public. You may even feel as if your voice is never heard clearly! Emotionally, your throat chakra is where your power of choice and self-expression reside.

Each chakra is associated with the glands and organs of the surrounding body parts. Physical illness or emotional stress may cause the chakra to become blocked and cloudy. Balancing or realigning the chakras can often give relief to emotional and physical problems.

You may work long hours and your job might be stressful. Your work life balance can suffer, and it can become hard to regain control and perspective. Stress is self-perpetuating; the more stress you feel, the harder it is to do the things that might help. You become drained and tired. You develop physical symptoms or mental health problems. You may want to lose weight, but you can’t get started. You may want to start meditation or yoga but don’t know where to start? So many ideas to help but lack of motivation can be crippling.

Finally, the sceptic part! Energy medicine of any sort sadly seems to attract lots of criticism and push back. I find this comes from those who have not tried it yet or had a bad experience. Myself, I like to try something new and then make up my own mind!!

I would like to work with you to help you look at all the areas of your life and find the answers within yourself to create the balance you want. Part of this process can be energy healing. I will work on your chakras to balance and restore energy flow. This is  completely non-invasive and you remain clothed and relaxed throughout. I can explain the chakras in more detail, or you can come and simply experience the energy work and relax!

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