Are you feeling grounded? In the sense that you feel you have had your privileges taken away from you and you can’t leave your homes. Yes, in that respect you’re probably feeling grounded. Ironically most of us can answer that yes at the moment. I’m talking about a different meaning of the word. Grounded is an energetic term I often use with my clients. To be grounded energetically means you’re present in your body and connected to the earth.  That might sound a little bit new age but perhaps if I explain how we can feel when we’re not grounded it will make more sense. When you’re not grounded you can feel many negative symptoms including dizziness, light-headedness or even headaches. You may manage to sleep but wake up feeling tired as if you haven’t had enough sleep. You may become clumsy and have brain fog. All of this can lead to feelings of anxiety and lack of confidence. A good example of feeling ungrounded which most of us will have experienced is jetlag. Especially if you have crossed different time zones you can feel ungrounded for a few days after a flight. A hangover is another example of feeling ungrounded. Carbohydrates can make us feel more grounded. Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to eat a bacon sandwich after a heavy night of alcohol?

I am an energy healer and I’ve worked helping many clients to balance their energy and become more grounded. I’m not an expert on grounding during isolation which seems to be stretching ahead of us with no immediate resolution. I wanted to write a blog to offer advice but as yet I’m not really feeling like an expert in isolation energy management. I am learning daily and I wanted to share that learning with you and hope some of it might be helpful.

I cried at least once a day when we first entered isolation. I don’t live alone and I tried hard not to let anyone witness my tears. Dog walks and showers proved useful. I couldn’t really explain the tears. After about day four I remember starting to feel the emotional mist clearing. What had changed? I’d gone for my first bike ride that day. I’m a keen cyclist but after the news of entering isolation I’d gone into an emotional and very ungrounding tailspin!! I felt vulnerable and fearful, I felt completely out of control. For most of us being in control is important.  I was so ungrounded that I didn’t even realise what had happened. I came home from my bike ride feeling strong in mind and body.

Exercise is very grounding because it forces you out of your head and into your body. You certainly can’t ride a bike without knowing what your arms and legs are doing! Every day now I know that I must have some form of exercise, it varies between cycling inside on my trainer or outside if possible. I find the sights of nature help me so much. Another day it’s a zoom Pilates or yoga session. Both are amazing ways of grounding. Focusing on your body’s movement takes you out of your head.

You may find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise but a simple walk will help ground you. As you walk feel the ground beneath your feet. I know this may sound strange, but we never usually acknowledge that sensation. It’s normally an unconscious feeling as we rush around and walk thousands of steps every day. Alternatively stand in your garden or on a balcony barefoot and feel the concrete or grass on your feet. Stand for a few moments and acknowledge any noises around you. It may be bird song or even a neighbour’s voice. Finally breathe deeply and identify any smells around you. Stand and hold the moment.

Another isolation tip I’ve learnt is to know what’s good for me and what’s not. This is what I have learnt.

Reading the news before I go to sleep is a definite no. I don’t listen to or read news more than once a day now. I understand the need to write news stories but the need to focus on negativity I think is ungrounding for so many of us.

Go off grid. For me this means turning off my phone for a few hours each day and ignoring emails. Too many unanswered texts or emails can leave me feeling totally overwhelmed.

Another lesson has been around getting up early and starting my day. There was a tendency especially during the school Easter holidays to laze in bed and inevitably read the news. I found myself consumed by the enormity of it all. Now I set my alarm and try and start the day with a positive mind set.

My final observation is that sugar ungrounds me. Emotional rollercoaster! As a woman I think I’m particularly sensitive to sugar. It plays havoc with our hormones.  I’m avoiding sugar in food or alcohol.

I wish I could tell you I’m an expert on living in isolation but I’m not and I don’t want to become one! Talking to my clients via Zoom is a means to an end. I look forward to seeing them in the flesh again soon. I can promise you that if you work on your grounding and being present in the moment it will help you focus on the here and now and stop you worrying about the future and the unknown path ahead of us. Above all be kind to yourself!

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