Menopause in the City

I’ve come across so many amazing women both as clients and friends who are navigating their menopause journey. I couldn’t help but wonder….how can I help spread all the information I have learned about midlife and the menopausal journey?

One of my favourite quotes is “Knowledge is power”. The more you know the better informed your decisions can be. One thing is very clear about menopause, no two women walk the same path!! Everyone has their own experience and so needs to build their own bespoke way of navigating. When I had my first child I felt I had entered unknown territory. My instinct was to build a tribe of likeminded friends and buy self help books. The same pattern seems to be replaying now. Imagine being on a desert island with no one to discuss problems with and no access to information. For me knowledge is power. By sharing we can learn so much more. Many celebrities are stepping forward to acknowledge their menopause problems and it is raising the vibration around the subject. Unfortunately, clients come to me who have had very bad experiences with their GP’s. There is a wealth of information about menopause but sadly not many GP’s have time to access it. Too many women are prescribed HRT and anti-depressants without being made aware of all the options available.

I want to reframe menopause so that your approach can be informed rather than fearful. If you Google menopause most information is negative. I am not suggesting that this helps sell all the drugs on the market, but it probably does and it also helps woman take on a negative attitude to this time in their life. Yes, there can be some very uncomfortable symptoms but there are also some very positive aspects to the changes a women’s body encounters. There are so many ways of approaching and helping your symptoms.

Let’s start with some hard facts and statistics:

Fact, menopause is only one day in our lives! It is the day exactly 12 months after your periods stop.

Fact, peri-menopause is a woman’s body transitioning towards menopause.

Fact, on average menopause occurs at 51.

Fact, woman now live on average to 82. In 1841 woman’s life expectancy was recorded as being 42. Throughout most of human history woman died before they reached menopause.

Peri menopause starts, and the journey begins. It’s a normal process it’s not an illness or disease. I like to regard it as a rite of passage moving us to the next phase of life. Our bodies have been changing since the moment we were born so why is there so much focusing on ageing now? Why is there resistance? Isn’t it true that the more we resist the harder it usually becomes? Let’s explore in more detail the change taking place. Ultimately menopause comes about because of changing levels of hormones. Let me try and simplify hormones. You have probably heard of the three main ones, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.

It is progesterone that starts to fall away during peri menopause causing many symptoms. During this time estrogen can fluctuate and you can be left with an excess of testosterone. All these changes manifest in emotional and physical symptoms.

The symptoms of peri menopause can cause anxiety and discomfort that can spill over into your work place. The onset of a hot flush when you’re in an important meeting, even worse if you’re presenting. Interrupted sleep has the knock-on effect of anxiety and weight gain. I don’t know about you but when I’m tired I head for carbs and sugar, so it becomes a viscous circle of tiredness and weight gain. Not feeling that you can focus on work will raise your anxiety and stress levels. The brain fog that many women experience during peri menopause can leave them wondering if they can continue working in some instances.

Everyone’s menopause experience is unique and so you need a bespoke approach to your own menopause. I’d love to work with you to help you create your own plan working on both your emotional and physical symptoms.



  1. Doreen Ellis on May 11, 2018 at 10:14 pm

    Well done Emma,.Obviously I am long past menopause, and didn’t’ actually have a bad experience, but I know many women who suffered greatly. I just needed to say I am proud of you, and wish you much success with your chosen path.

  2. Jo on May 12, 2018 at 8:45 pm

    You’ve helped me so much – thank you for shining a light ahead on the path.

  3. Rebecca Watson on July 3, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    Thanks for highlighting this important phase of a woman’s life that is often hidden with shame when it is perfectly natural. I will keep your coaching skills in mind when I come across women who I think could benefit from working with you Emma.

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