My Liver Detox Story

I have used Nutri Advanced products for the past two years and I’m very quick to recommend them to clients. When the email arrived in December asking if I wanted to join the Nutriclean programme in January it was perfect timing.  Jo Gamble, a Functional Medicine specialist was running the programme and I have long admired her work. Having dedicated webinars run by her really appealed to me. The Nutriclean programme is a 14-day Liver detox.

The big question in retrospect was did I think I needed to detox my liver? My ego is mumbling something along the lines of no!  I pride myself on a healthy lifestyle. I rarely have dairy or gluten, moderate to no alcohol and lots of exercise and supplements. Maybe my only unhealthy habit being an over indulged love of coffee!

Oh well I remember thinking it will be a good experience and I can tell my clients I’ve done the programme and guide them through any pitfalls from my first hand experience.

So here is the reality, I finished the Nutriclean programme a few weeks ago and it has totally changed my approach to eating and many other practices in my day-to-day lifestyle. I decided to write this blog post because it is hard to really explain in a brief conversation what is involved and how easy it is once you start. My personal preconceived ideas around detox were that it would involve stopping alcohol and caffeine, maybe a few extra supplements to aid the detox and revving up my nutribullet to put in a few extra hours juicing! WRONG!!

Many people take part in dry January thinking they are having a liver detox. A few friends have reported not drinking in January but eating so many biscuits and chocolate to compensate their craving that they put on weight. No, a full liver detox is so much more!!

If you choose to take part in the Nutriclean programme with my help and guidance here is what is involved. At least a full week prior to starting we would complete an in-depth questionnaire together looking at all areas of your diet and lifestyle. The questionnaire covers any areas of your life that might be allowing toxins into your body either currently or in the past. We would discuss you preparing yourself ahead of the programme starting. I would recommend that you look at some of the recipes provided and plan your diary accordingly so that you don’t have too many social engagements. Talk through the supplements you will be taking and understand if you’re interested how they will support you.  Prior to you starting we will record your current weight and BMI.

The good news is that the programme is only 14 days. That’s just two weeks to focus in on you and give your system a complete restart that will leave you in no doubt that you want to make long term changes.

I will be available to support you throughout your detox and I will check in daily to answer any questions and be your own personal cheerleader if required.

Here are some of my personal learnings from completing the programme.

  • I learnt that I used to eat when I was not hungry. (I like food very much!)
  • I drank coffee almost in the way I used to smoke, to allow myself time to contemplate and as a reward for finishing tasks!
  • I told myself I was not eating too much but I constantly picked when preparing food for others. I call this Incidental food consumption.
  • I was not drinking enough water.
  • The biggest lightbulb moment for me was that when you do not eat complex carbs or sugar you really do have balanced blood sugars and it feels fantastic! No cravings and no mood swings!! And your energy level goes up and up!


So yes, I have made quite a few changes in my personal wellbeing day to day. Ranging from reduced coffee consumption to buying new frying pans! I have also lost those  kilos which I’d gained in the past five years decided might just be perimenopause. I feel amazing and will probably follow this programme at least once a year in future.

Please contact me if you are interested in finding out more about pressing your own reset button! You know what they say about no time like the present!!


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