What is a divorce guide?

Perhaps it is easier to start with what a divorce guide isn’t. I’m not legally trained and I won’t make any decisions for you.

As your guide I will first work with you to decide where my role can help and support you. This will usually involve an informal chat over coffee. Perhaps you feel as if divorce is your next step but you need to explore your emotions and choices. Perhaps you are post divorce and would like to explore what life holds now and in your future.

With some of my clients we meet regularly and I attend all their legal meetings. With others after an initial meeting all they require is an occasional Skype meeting or phone call. Every requirement is different and tailored accordingly.

I have a large network of experts who I can introduce you to including family law specialists in London and Kent.

Every divorce journey is bespoke and personal to you. You will always hold the answers to your own questions. Sometimes all we need is to talk freely with a person who has no vested interest in the outcome. Someone who will listen and help you translate your internal dialogue.

Divorce is often a time of turmoil and emotion. It can be useful to have a compass to help you find your true direction.

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