What’s all this wellbeing about?

Wellbeing is a commonly used phrase these days. The urban dictionary confirms that wellbeing or wellness is “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”.

I describe myself as a wellbeing coach. I work with clients to help them achieve the best and happiest version of themselves. This doesn’t mean I give them a list of things to change in their life and they go home to a balanced life and live happily ever after. Of course that would only happen in fairytales!

Working on your own wellbeing can be hard and not always particularly comfortable. I believe that wellbeing is an alchemy in which you need to invest and work on every day.

It can involve all areas of your life; it isn’t just about exercise and healthy eating. Our lives are so hectic that sometimes the contents of our life become a blur. We need to take the time to sit still and focus in on ourselves. What makes us happy? What are our stresses and how can we achieve balance?

Sometimes it will receive your full attention and sometimes the patterns of life will move your focus away from it. I help my clients to recognise when this is happening and encourage them to know how to reclaim their wellbeing.

Life is full of change and every stage of our lives needs different investment. Perhaps it is around starting your family. Perhaps your current goal is weight loss. Perhaps you seek work life balance. Perhaps you have re-occurring ailments or illness. Perhaps you don’t even know what it is that you want to work on but everything just feels wrong.

The most important message I want to share about your wellbeing is that you need to grant yourself full permission for it to become a priority.

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  1. Sarah Robson on April 6, 2019 at 7:14 am

    Thanks for posting your article Emma. Wellbeing can play such a huge and beneficial role in promoting employee health and workplace wellbeing to support happier, motivated and more productive staff. More companies should be picking up on this.

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